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Starlight Power is a global leading supplier of high performance batteries for portable electronic devices for 8 years. We deliver a full range of high quality batteries include Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries ,lithium ion batteries,lithium polymer batteries,cordless power tool batteries,lithium ion battery pack, car jump starter which involve in many fields such as Telecommunication,solar power system, digital electronics, consumer electronics like toys, household appliances and emergency devices etc .


Starlight Power adheres to the concept of  “Quick response, high quality ,competitive price, timely delivery and excellent service”, our quality control is rigorously performed in accordance with IEC, CE, RoHS and 98/101/EC international standards. We have set up oversea distribution agents,exported products to more than 30 Countries, and have won a good reputation worldwidely.


As a result of our customer-oriented culture, we have now become a leading supplier of the European,American and Australian market.

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