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Samsung Battery Cell

High drain Samsung 18650 3.6V1500mAh INR18650-15M 25A discharge

High drain Samsung 18650 3.6V1500mAh INR18650-15M 25A discharge
Product introduction

 High drain Samsung 18650 3.6V1500mAh INR18650-15M 25A discharge




1 Nominal discharge capacity

1500mAh (300mA, 2.5V discharge)

2 Standard discharge capacity

1450mAh (10A, 2.5V discharge)

3 Charging voltage

4.2 ± 0.05 V

4 Nominal voltage


5 Charging method


(100mA cut-off)

6 Charging current

Standard charge: 750mA

7 Charging time

Standard charge: 300min

8 Max. charge current

4A(ambient temperature 25°C)

9 Max. discharge current


25A(ambient temperature 25°C), 60% at 250cycle

10 Discharge cut-off voltage


11 Cell weight

43.0g max

12 Cell dimension


Height : 64.60±0.15mm

Diameter : 18.15±0.1

13 Operating temperature


Charge : 5 to 45°C

Discharge: -20 to 60°C

14 Storage temperature

18 months : -20~25°C

3 months : 25~45°C

1 month : 45~60°C



1. Communication equipment: Cordless phones, walkie-talkie

2. Information equipment: Laptop, PDA, portable fax machines, remote control

3. Audio-visual equipment: : Digital cameras, camcorders, DVD, VCD, MD, CD drive 

4. Lamps: Emergency lights, solar lightsSearchlight, flashlight

5. Electronic toys: Remote control cars, remote control boats, aircraft model 

6. Power Tools: An electric drill, planer, electric, electricity approved Please review the attached details of some of our LED / LCD TVs. Check all the sheets in the attached excel file.