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EV Battery Pack

Ebike battery pack 48v 10ah with aluminum case battery

Ebike battery pack 48v 10ah with  aluminum case battery
Product introduction

Ebike battery pack 48v 10ah with  aluminum case battery

1. Battery Model:48V 10Ah
2. Nominal Capacity (AH);10ah
3. Nominal Voltage (V): 48V
4. Source Resistance (mΩ)about 40
5. Cell Size:18650
6. Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V) :39+/ 1V
7. Charge Cutoff Voltage (V): 54.5V
8. Rated Discharge Current (A) :10A
9. Instantaneous Max Discharge Current (A):20A
10. Max Continuous Discharge Current (A):10A
11. Max Continuous Charge Current (A) :5

12. Charge Mode :CC/CV
13. Standard Charge Current (A):2A
14. Charge Time under Standard Charge Current:6
15. Fast Charge Current (A): 5A
16. Charge Time under Fast Charge Current : 2.5
17. Charge Temperature Range: 20  60’C
18. Discharge Temperature Range :20  60’C
Size and Weight
20. Battery Size: 

 ,21. Battery Net Weight: 3.2kgs 
22. Battery Gross Weight :4.5kgs